2015’s top 30 albums and EP’s of the year

After many an argument with myself I came to a decision for my top 30 albums/EP’s of 2015. This obviously doesn’t include any releases I’ve worked this year as I don’t think that would be fair. And apologies for rambling on, as always. What a year for new music though!

30 – Cancer Bats – Searching For Zero

I can’t believe these guys are so far down the list for me this year! I was so excited for this album and if you know me at all, you should know how much of a huge Cancer Bats fan I am. A few bangers, as expected, but just a bit disappointed.. (I hate saying that too) Sorry Liam, I love you.


29 – Skindred – Volume

It’s impossible for Skindred to release something that sucks. This album is yet more proof. I mean this is like their 6th and it’s just as awesome as the last. And they are still easily my favourite live band ever.

Listen to: ‘Volume’ (It does what it says on the tin.)

28 – Modestep – London Road

I’ve loved these guys since the 2011 ‘Sunlight’ days when I watched them at festivals with literally a handful of people. Now they play to thousands, and so they bloody should.

Listen to: ‘Snake’ (Lyrical genius.)

27 – The Dirty Youth – Gold Dust

I love these guys and I bloody love this album. Danni’s voice is killer!

Listen to: ‘The One’ (You’ll know why after you’ve heard it. If you can sit still whilst listening to it then there’s something wrong with you.)

26 – MKTO – Bad Girls (EP)

If you loved the album you’ll love this. And my GOODNESS what an image change for these guys. You remember when McFly went away for a bit and came back with ‘Party Girl’ and everyone was like “OMFG WHAT HAPPENED”, yeah it’s like that. Anyway, ‘Classic’ from the album was a banger but this EP is a game changer.

Listen to: ‘Bad Girls’ (It’s dope. As the American’s would say.)

25 – Set It Off – Duality: Stories Unplugged (EP)

Yes, these tracks are from their 2014 release but still, it’s awesome and they are my daughters favourite so I had too.

Listen to: ‘Wild Wild World’ (Watch the video too, cause I said so!)

24 – The Weeknd – Beauty Behind the Madness

This album was so anticipated and it it did what we thought it would. It delivered. I can’t feel my face when I’m with you and all that.

Listen to: ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ (for obvious reasons.)

23 – Muse – Drones

Devon’s finest offering, in well, forever in my opinion. This album is HUGE, as expected. Banger after banger after banger. You f**king psycho.

Listen to: ‘Psycho’ (First single for a bl**dy reason.)

22 – Fightstar – Behind The Devils Back

What a comeback. What an album. Nothing more to add.

Listen to: ‘Sink With The Snakes’ (Opening riff, prepare for face melt!)

21 – Crossfaith – Xeno

How can anyone not like Crossfaith? That’s my question. An album packed of party anthems to start your on little mosh pit in your bedroom.

Listen to: ‘Devil’s Party’ (because it’s awesome.)

20 – Lower Than Atlantis – (The Black Edition)

I know this is a reworked edition of their 2014 release but there are a load of new tracks on it and I REALLY like it so there.

Listen to: ‘Strong’ (A Robbie Williams cover of brilliance.)

19 – Martin Luke Brown – Take Out Of Me (EP)

Yes another singer songwriter I hear you say? But this guy is different. His voice is just incredible. Can’t wait for his full length album which is set to be released in the new year. (I have everything crossed).

Listen to: ‘Thorns’ (it’s written about his Mum and it’s just a beaut.)

18 – Jason Derulo – Everything Is 4

There he goes again releasing another banger of an album. The man is unstoppable.

Listen to: ‘Try Me’ ft J-Lo & Matoma (Try me in the evening, satisfaction guaranteed. Like literally.)

17 – Years & Years – Communion

I wish these guys were my mates. Every time I see them on the tele box or hear interviews on the radio they seem like such a lovely bunch. This album is amazing. I think it proves how amazing they are, and the fact I couldn’t get into the tent to see them at Leeds Festival this year. Lets hope I get to go to their Plymouth show in the new year to do a little dance.

Listen to: ‘Eyes Shut’ (WARNING: may make you do a cry, it’s beautiful.)

16 – We Are The Ocean – Ark

This album did not get nearly enough credit. Everything that this band have ever released I have loved and I hope they continue to shine. PUCKER.

Listen to: ‘Good For You’ (Because it just is.)

15 – Arcane Roots – Heaven & Earth (EP)

YES. Just HUGE. If this doesn’t break this band then there is something wrong with the world. It’s an incredible EP and I believe it’s the best thing they have done.

Listen to: ‘If Nothing Breaks Nothing Moves’ (Riff after riff after riff *insert mosh face here*)

14 – Fleur East – Love, Sax and Flashbacks

Well nobody was expecting that. She went and did it and my goodness was it good! I can quite easily say tat I love every track on this record, it’s pretty much my in car jam right now.

Listen to: ‘Baby Don’t Dance’ (But he sure know how to get down..)

13 – Jack Garratt – Synesthesiac (EP)

I LOVE THIS GUY. I think it’s actually impossible for him to release anything bad. I finally managed to see him live this year and maaaan he didn’t disappoint. Playing three instruments live and singing at the same time you say? Don’t just give him a BBC Music Award/BRIT, give him a bloody knighthood. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can do that. The man’s a magician. NEW ALBUM IN 2016!!! Brace yourself, he’s gonna be huge.

Listen to: ‘Chemical’ – (TUUUUUNE.)

12 – Don Broco – Automatic

We knew it was gonna be good but we didn’t think it was gonna be THAT good now did we? Of course we did! I love these guys and have known them for many years and it’s just so awesome to see them doing so well. This album is killer!

Listen to: ‘I Got Sick’ (It won’t make you throw up, promise.)

11 – Prides – The Way Back Up

This album has been my anthem for many a lonely drive to London and back for work, as well as other times (obvs). AND it introduced me to possibly my favourite video of the year too.. BIG statement I know but I love it. WATCH IT.

Listen to: ‘Higher Love’ (Like do it now, just click play below.. It’s proper good.)

10 – One Direction – Made In The AM

Yes they are only at number 9. Don’t judge me but the amount of awesome stuff that has came out this year, I just couldn’t put them any higher. Liam (and Sonny) please do not hold it against me..

Listen to: ‘History (cause it’s perfect, blates.)

9 – Little Mix – Get Weird

THE GURLS BE SLAYIN’ IT. It be like so good, like SOOOOOO good. If you’re into that strong independent woman kinda vibe then this album is 100% for you. If you’re not dancing in front of the mirror with your hairbrush in under a minute their is something wrong with you.

Listen to: ‘Hair’ (just try not to sass while listening, I dare you!)

8 – Enter Shikari – The Mindsweep

I can honestly say that I have absolutely loved every single thing this band have released and this album slots in nicely with the others. Just brilliant.

Listen to: ‘Slipshod’ (KICK IT!)

7 – The Darkness – Last Of Our Kind (Deluxe Edition)

YES YES YES YES. This is what ALL fans of The Darkness have been waiting for. What happened with Hot Cakes? Yeah it was ok but this was the comeback album we wanted. It’s fucking brilliant, they are fucking brilliant. The end.

Listen to: ‘Barbarian’ (Proof is in the pudding.)

6 – Bring Me The Horizon – That’s The Spirit

The progression, the musicianship, and well, quite simply, the brilliance just sells itself. I saw them in Bristol a few weeks ago at the venue I first saw them play at a few years ago and it was awesome. All hail Bring Me The Horizon.

Listen to: ‘What You Need’ (My fave on the album! TRE EXCITE.)

5 – Skrillex and Diplo present Jack U

When this absolute banger came out I never thought it would be topped, and it was, just. But my god is it good. Collaborations galore and Diplo/Skrillex on top form, as ever. If you haven’t been to a party this year with one of these songs on the playlist, you’re at the wrong kinda parties. That is all.

Listen to: ‘Jungle Bae’ ft Bunji Garlin (One word: B.A.N.G.E.R)

4 – Dillon Francis – This Mixtape Is Fire (EP)

HE FINALLY DID NEW STUFF. Dillon Francis is the man, DJ Hansel would be jealous of that statement but he’s definitely the man to beat right now. I managed to stand front row for his entire set at Leeds Festival this year and he was every bit as brilliant as I expected. An EP to beat all others to death in 2015, that’s forsure.

Listen to: ‘Pull It’ (Do a little dance. It’s not a single yet but it better be!)

3 – Nothing But Thieves – Nothing But Thieves

Never has a debut album been more anticipated and my god did it deliver. I think there isn’t one track on the album I don’t like. I just want them to play it all in its entirety when I see them in Bristol again next year. Incredible band who deserve every bit of success they are receiving. WELL DONE AND THAT.

Listen to: Album track ‘Drawing Pins’ (I bet you that you can’t not nod your head along to it.)

2 – Fall Out Boy – American Beauty, American Physco

Best band in the whole world, nothing else to say. It’s just exceptional.

Listen to: ‘Uma Thurman’ (They had to ask her permission for this song too lol!)

1 – Justin Bieber – Purpose

Yes, you can hate Bieber and yes, you can love him. He’s marmite, I get that but this album is brilliant, no arguments. Simple. Yeah, he acted like a d***head a few years ago and a lot of people hated him, he still acts like a bit of a tit, but doesn’t everyone? Every single release up to the release of ‘Purpose’ is a MASSIVE tune. You can’t do that with a rubbish album, you can’t reveal loads of tracks on the run up to it if there isn’t an ounce of goodness. And you definitely can’t release a music video for every single one either!!

All the facts point to the truth. It’s awesome and I’m a Belieber.


Zero fucks given. *insert finger wiggle or something*

Listen to: ALL OF IT.


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