2016’s Top 30 Albums and EP’s Of The Year

2016 may have been one of the worst years for the world but wasn’t it a great year for music? After much deliberation, here’s my favourite releases of 2016. Be sure to tune into my show on the 3rd January to hear the count down live on Phonic FM from 10am!

30: The Hunna – 100
29: Beartooth – Aggressive
28: Too Close To Touch – Haven’t Been Myself
27: Dead Letter Circus – Aesthesis
26: Pierce The Veil – Misadventures
25: Busted – Night Driver
24: Fort Hope – ARmURE (EP)
23: Biffy Clyro – Ellipsis
22: Simple Plan – Taking One For The Team
21: Robbie Williams – The Heavy Entertainment Show
20: Set It Off – Upside Down

19: The 1975 – I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful
18: Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman
17: Black Foxxes – I’m Not Well
16: Letlive – If I’m The Devil..
15: Architects – All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us
14: ZAYN – Mind Of Mine
13: Twin Atlantic – GLA
12: I Prevail – Lifelines
11: Grumble Bee – Disconnect (EP)

10: Craig David – Following My Intuition

Arguably the greatest comeback of all time, Craig David released his new album and blew everyone away. Just over a year since he performed on Kurupt FM and now he’s back at the top where he belongs, and what a treat this album is. Can’t wait to see it live in March 2017!

Check out: ’16’ – the beginning of it all.

9: Raleigh Ritchie – You’re A Man Now, Boy

This guys is a triple threat, he can sing, he can dance and he can act and this album is testament to how great he is.

Check out: ‘Cowards’ because it’s brilliant.

8: Dance Gavin Dance – Mothership

Who would have thought that these guys would still be going? I don’t mean that in a bad way of course, I just think to have accomplished so much and still have the passion to produce such incredible music is an accomplishment in itself. ‘Mothership’ is proof that they are on better form than ever.

Check out: Album opening track ‘Chucky vs The Giant Tortoise’ as it’s an absolute banger. Listen to the chorus and just try not to bust a move, I dare you.. I did try to dance like frontman Tilian Pearson when I saw them live earlier this year, but that’s just impossible. The guys an absolute dream.

7: Of Mice & Men – Cold World

This album quite simply blew me away and made me into a huge OM&M fan upon my first listen. I’m absolutely gutted that Austin has had to leave the band due to his illness but nevertheless this album easily sits happily in my top 10 of 2016, because it’s just great. The progression of them as a band is phenomenal. Top notch stuff!

Check out: ‘Like A Ghost’ because it’s my favourite track on the album and it makes me lose all of my shit.

6: James Arthur – Back From The Edge

HE IS BACK and my goodness did he make one hell of an impression. I’ve always loved James Arthur and this album is just another example of why he’s so great.

Check out: ‘I Am’ because it’s beautiful and the lyrics are to die for.

5: Issues – Headspace

I love this band and I don’t think it’s possible for them to release something bad. Not only do they produce some of the greatest music I’ve ever heard, they pull it off live to the point that you prefer it to the recorded version, something that I think is incredibly difficult to pull off.

Check out: ‘Slow Me Down’, because it’s the best album closeing track of the year, hands down.

4: Jack Garratt – Phase

This guy is the best thing to come out of the UK in such a long time. He’s arguably the most talented artist in the UK right now, well he is for me anyway and live he is a complete delight.

Check out: ‘Fire’ because it’s weird and wonderful, just like the whole album. A breath of fresh air!

3: Fatherson – Open Book

I was lucky enough to discover these guys when they supported their fellow Scottish pals Prides back in 2015 and they absolutely blew my mind from the get go. Ross Leighton is quite possibly the best frontman in any band in the UK right now; if you think I’m over reacting feel free to go and see them live, you’ll then know how right I am. He effortlessly blows every single mind of his entire audience whilst he performs, as do the whole band. Such a wonderfully talented bunch of musicians who deserve every bit of success. I mean this is their second full length album for goodness sake and it’s just as brilliant as the last, what an absolute treat.

Check out: All of it, obviously. But I really love ‘Just Past The Point Of Breaking’ and ‘Forest’ because they’re amazing.

2: Panic! At The Disco – Death Of A Bachelor

Let’s be honest, if you don’t like Panic! At The Disco you’re a moron. This album is in my opinion their best yet. Oh Brendon, I salute you! You absolute genius.

Check out: ‘LA Devotee’ because the video is SO weird but SO great.

1: Emarosa – 131

It wasn’t difficult to pick my album of the year, I have to be honest with you. Emarosa have been a firm favourite of mine for many many years and this is the album all of us long term fans have been waiting for. It’s emotive, it’s passionate and well, it’s just fantastic, in every way shape or form. Live it was better then I ever imagined and I’m counting down the days till I get to see it all over again.

Check out: The entire album, front to back, back to front. It’s just incredible.


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